The first sports meeting of SRT
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  On November the 5th , 2010,our university held the tenth sports meeting.The sports meeting was divided into two parts,including the group performance in the opening ceremony and the sports competition.What impressed us most at the sports meeting was the spirits of the athletes and the selfless contribution of the volunteers.

  It was the first time for us,the School of Railway Transportation,to take part in the sports meeting. Our atheletes’ valiant mental outlook could be seen here and there.In spite that those who attended the sports meeting were all freshmen ,we were deeply touched by their courages during the sports meeting.
The volunteers of SRT, “Little Red Hats”,became a beautiful landscape during the sports meeting .The devotion of the volunteers made us feel the harmony of the family in our college.When you get into trouble, the little red hats will help you as much as they can. The yell and the cheer up of the pep team also  made us feel more energetic . Not only did we act pretty well at the sports meeting ,but show the mien of our college.

  Eventually ,we won some awards  such as the third prize in the women 1500-meter and 3000-meter race, the fourth prize in the women 400-meter ,which should be attributed to the great efforts spared by both the teachers and the students. We confidently believe that we can do better next time .