School of Railway Transportation New Year’s party
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   SRT held the first New Year’s party at the multi-function hall of the students' activity center on the night of January 6th, 2011.

   The College leaders,teachers,all students of SRT and part of the other departments’ students came to and enjoyed the party. The hall was full of teachers and students.It was filled with laughter and happiness in the whole party and all of the audience enjoyed it very much.

  The party started with several students singing the songs one by one and the performance was wonderful. Then the beautiful piano music aroused a lot of our memories in this term .The new edition  opusculum-opuscula of《Wu Song Beats Tiger》 was filled with humor and made the audience keep laughing.The following exciting dance 《this man》 made the party come to a climax.The party ended with the song《sisters and brothers》which was chorused by the members of Literary group in SRT.

  It was the first  New Year’s party since SRT was established. The wonderful performance showed our students’ brilliance and creativity .Meanwhile,it also embodied the students’ enthusiasm and intense emotion.What a successful party.