high-speed railroad's current situation, the project  and the trend of development
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  On March 24th, the School of Railway Transportation undertook  the sixth lecture of “Talent gathers the language sea” .The lecture ,held by Pro. Wu guang , is about “high-speed railroad's current situation, the project and the trend of development”, which is taken in I104.  Before the lecture started, The room had been filled with the exicited students who aspire to attend the lecture. 

  The lecture was presided by Party branch secretary Hua Rong. Pro. Hua gave a brief introduction of the background and the significance of this lecture. Professor Wu, the rector of the School of Railway Transportation as  well as  the Southwest Jiaotong University professor and postgraduate candidate teacher. Everybody was deeply moved by Pro. Wu when we knew that he had took the plane from Chengdu to attend the lecture in a hurry ,and hence all the present members gave him a warm applaud.  

  Pro. Wu began with the history of ancient railway, next, introduced the history and the current situation of railway transportation, the technical problems related to the construction of the high-speed railway and the future development with detailed information in a vivid word. Students were concentrated on his speech and wrote down frequently, thinking over his words. All of us were deeply impressed by the profound knowledge of Pro. Wu and his insightful perspectives on the development of rail transit.

   At the end of the report, students of three institutes raised a few questions such as the economical influences on the development of the high-speed rail transit, the employment after  our  graduation .To  our  surprise , Pro. Wu answered the questions with a sense of humor .There  is  no  doubt  that  all  of  us  benefit  a  lot  from  this  lecture.  (Chen Fang Min, Zhang Jie Lin)